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2014 Memphis Crisis Center Awareness Week

Suicide, depression, bullying, domestic violence, sexual assaults and mental illnesses are often taboo topics in our society. During the week of September 10th-16th the Memphis Crisis Center wants to be able to wear down the barriers and talk about these kinds of issues in a public forum, even if it’s just breaking the ice. Starting Wednesday, September 10th we are celebrating the Second Annual Memphis Crisis Center Awareness Week.

During this week in September the Memphis Crisis Center will be using social media with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to the community for awareness, volunteers and fundraising efforts. You can join in on the conversation using the hash tag #901Crisis7 on Twitter to engage with the community at large. There will be a theme for each day starting with Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

You are encouraged to Tweet a favorite quote or a picture that will work with the theme for the day.  Send a message that the MCC is available with resources to help those.

What is the difference between @901Crisis7 and #901Crisis7?

Twitter users use the @ sign to talk to someone directly.  When you use the # or (hashtag) you are following the conversation. You can see the conversation by just typing #901Crisis7 into the search bar and you will automatically be able to view and see the interaction and jump into the conversation during the day.

I don’t have a Twitter Account or Facebook account what can I do to help?

Donate and/or volunteer as an individual or group for the Memphis Crisis Center. We offer free training classes. Some videos can be viewed on YouTube and are free to use in your presentations.  If you need help, call (901) CRISIS-7. 

Themed Days

Wednesday, September 10th- Elderly

Thursday, September 11th- Veterans

Friday, September 12th- Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault

Saturday, September 13th- Medical Patients

Sunday, September 14th- Mental Illness

Monday, September 15th- Bullying

Tuesday, September 16th- Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered

Memphis Crisis Center Awareness Week Message- 2014 Video